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  • April 6Project Grad Poker Tournament will be held Saturday, May. 1 at The Venue at Willow Creek at 5 p.m.
  • April 6Project Grad Bingo tournament will be held Saturday Apr. 10 in the high school parking lot from 5-7 p.m.
  • April 6Submissions for the Literary Magazine are due Thursday, Apr. 8 at 11:59 p.m.
  • April 6Modified remote purple day on Friday, Apr. 9
Sophomores Jackie Gildo, Annalia Escalante, and Deanna Jones converse during newspaper stay late night.
Kansas Senate passes bill requiring full in-person learning throughout districts
Zoey Pudenz, Managing Editor • March 9, 2021

On Mar. 3, the Kansas Senate passed Senate Bill no. 235 which would require all K-12 schools to have a full in-person and full remote option by Mar. 26....

High School teacher Stephan Brumbaugh poses with vaccination card which shows receipt of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.
Vaccine Update: District's staff receives COVID-19 vaccine
RIley Merrick, Staff Writer • March 9, 2021

While trying to get the country back to normal after getting hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, many are turning to the COVID-19...

2020 seniors pose for a photo at prom in june. Project grad hosted a senior only prom last year but allowed outside guests. Photo Courtesy Morgan Haworth
Recent senior only prom decision causes disappointment
Audrey Menzies, Design Editor • March 8, 2021

Covid-19 has taken away many things from the class of 2021 and many were optimistic that prom would not be one of them. However,...

Joe Biden delivers a speech during an event in Jackson, MS.
President Joe Biden signs record number of Executive Orders early in his Presidency
Blake Beashore, Editor-in-Chief • February 17, 2021

Since President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, Jan. 30, the president has taken over 50 executive actions, including...

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Meet the Northern Lights themed 2021 Prom King and Queen candidates.
Meet the 2021 Prom Candidates
Zoey Pudenz, Managing Editor • April 16, 2021

Senior Caleal Kennedy poses after getting a line up. Photo courtesy of Dameon Weathers
Piper alumni grows business with support from students
Astin Ramos, Photo Editor • March 30, 2021

Since discovering a love for cutting hair, Dameon Weathers is on a successful path to owning his own shop. With inspiration...

Hybrid student Tatum Vallejo goes through her daily routine through a pandemic.
Day in the Life: Hybrid student Tatum Vallejo daily routine
Madi Welker March 10, 2021

After a long night of basketball practice, and finishing up homework, sophomore, Tatum Vallejo, wakes up and snoozes...

Sophomores Lilly Ladish and Lydia Vogel work together while remote learning.
Study Spaces: Home School Edition
Jackie Gildo, Staff Writer • February 22, 2021

Students everywhere have found the need to create or transform their study area. These areas are places in which...

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According to ESPN, about 96.4 million viewers watched Super Bowl LV.
Poet Amanda Gorman breaks down barriers during Super Bowl performance
Riley Merrick, Staff Writer • February 11, 2021

After reading at both the Super Bowl and Presidential Inauguration, Amanda Gorman is becoming a household name.  The young twenty-two-year-old poet,...

Wonder Woman 1984 scored a 59% on Rotten Tomatoes which is 34% less of the 93% score the first Wonder Woman scored.
Wonder Woman 1984 lacks superhero quality
Madi Welker February 9, 2021

Wonder Woman 1984 was released on HBO Max Dec. 25, 2020. All my friends and family had been raving about how good it was going to be, and how...

According to statista, Netflix was the highest streamed streaming service in 2019.
Expired Netflix contracts strips fan-favorite shows
Jackie Gildo, Staff Writer • January 22, 2021

Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services. Recently, the company has received backlash for taking off some fan-favorite shows. “My...

"The Mandalorian" can be streamed on Disney+ as well as other projects in the Star Wars franchise.
Season two of "The Mandalorian" successfully entertains viewers while simultaneously expanding the Star Wars franchise
Blake Beashore, Editor-in-Chief • January 12, 2021

Following a strong season one debut and what seemed to spark a resurgence for the Star Wars franchise, “The Mandalorian” season two continued...

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Social media takes up a majority of our time. Read how to reduce time spent on social media. Design by Julie Jones
An ode to social media: Self-esteem wears away as internet usage builds up by day
Julie Jones, Staff Writer • March 24, 2021

Social media has been integrated into almost every aspect of our lives today, and it’s affecting our mental health more than we know.  We live in...

The new hybrid model will go into effect on March 23.
New Schedule Needs Improvement
Annalia Escalante, Staff Writer • March 12, 2021

After many schedule changes this school year, we once again are forced to adapt quickly. Beginning on March 23, students will have the option...

Junior Reagan Montgomery poses for a picture with her dog, Coco.
Pets: Lifelong commitments
Reagan Montgomery, Staff Writer • February 17, 2021

Over the initial quarantine period, there was a massive boom in pet adoptions across the nation. People got dogs, cats, birds, and rodents thinking...

The new learning model will go into effect Monday, Jan. 25.
Back to the Building: New schedule increases in-person learning
Julie Jones, Staff Writer • January 15, 2021

Online school has become the new normal for almost every student across the world. Due to new lessened COVID-19 restrictions via the Wyandotte...

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Senior Nate Golubski steps on the mound to throw a pitch. Photo courtesy from Nate Golubski.
Pirates set to kick off their spring season
Ethan Walker March 29, 2021

Spring sports are back this week for the first time since 2019 after they were canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19. Baseball, softball, track and field, girls...

Junior Jaron Briggs locking up on defense against the Bobcats.
Pirates basketball falls short of state
Alex Ivanuska March 25, 2021

This year, Pirates basketball came short of the state tournament after bumping up to 5A. Both boys and girls had won the...

Senior Kyron Fergus bowls at KC Bowl in lane 24. Photo by senior Tony Cobbs.
Boys bowling team concludes their season and take on state
Brylie Reese March 24, 2021

The Pirate’s Bowling team rolls through their season, and state looks right up their alley. The bowling team’s fast-paced...

New logo for Kansas City
Former Utah Royals make way to KC
Riley Merrick, Staff Writer • January 28, 2021

There is much excitement surrounding the return of the Utah Royals to Kansas City. Although the new team name is still pending,...

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The student news site of Piper High School in Kansas City, Kansas.