“More Life” by Drake


Grace Haworth, Graphic Design Editor

Maintaining his current status and fame, Drake has cranked out another piece of artwork for listeners to fall into. The playlist “More Life” was released on March 18, 2017 in a very casual and non-eventful way, especially compared his last release “Views.” While other artists would make an equivalent amount of hype about a Soundcloud release, Drake nonchalantly released a playlist of 22 songs to iTunes. The manner by which Drake decided to release his work amplifies his workmanship and symbolizes his passion for making music.

In this playlist, Drake features a new set of smaller artists such as Giggs from the UK, as well as Jorja and Black Coffee. Some of the artist he has collaborated with in the past make a reappearance in the album as well, for example Kanye West, 2 Chainz and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

Though there are a few gems in the group of 22, many of the songs sound very similar to those in Drake’s last album “Views.” It’s true that Drake has a certain style with intriguing intros and an often relaxed feel, but “More Life” can at times be too similar to his past works. Only producing one type of sound can hurt both the artist and the listeners. The style is obviously working for him, but some new vibes wouldn’t hurt.

Aside from this new piece being similar to pieces of the past, Drake maintains his confidence and personality which fans adore. The hype and passion in “More Life” can easily be felt, and it’s only a matter of time before these songs start rising to the top of the charts.