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John fills in for science teacher Eric Mabie

Shawna John may be a one-and-done teacher. She is filling in for chemistry teacher Eric Mabie, who is deployed through this school year. 

Previously, John was an analytical environmental chemist. She was in charge of testing wastewater samples for cities and industries to ensure they were compliant with state and federal law.  In high school, John’s favorite subject was chemistry, but she also enjoyed history. Her love of chemistry and physics is one reason she chose to become a teacher.

“I had a wonderful high school chemistry teacher and he helped me develop my love for chemistry, and I want to do the same for other students,” John said.

Her favorite part of teaching is getting to witness a student understand a new concept.

“It is awesome to see a concept click for a student,” Johns said. “Chemistry is an applied science and can be difficult, but when I see a student’s face light up because a concept clicks, it is a great feeling.”

In her free time John enjoys reading and running. She also enjoys listening to music and attending concerts.

“I have truly enjoyed my time at Piper High School thus far,” John said. “The students are wonderful and eager to learn. The other staff is unbelievably welcoming and helpful. I have really enjoyed connecting with students and bringing some real world aspects to my classes.”

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