Funding equally distributed throughout activities


Mallori Courtney

Piper played against Lansing Sept. 22.

Megan Neal , Print Editor

At the start of each activities season, rumors can often be heard about one sport getting all new equipment and uniforms, while others are completely forgotten about. However, athletic director Doug Key says all activities are given the same amount of funding.

According to Key, after each activities season, the coaches or sponsors provide a list of needs and wants for next season. After all the lists have been gone over, they go through and give each activity things off their needs list first. At the end of the year, and after all the needs have been given, the wants lists is gone back over. Activities can also do fundraising on their own in order to get more of their wants.

According to Tori Deneault, the theater department is not overlooked by the school, and has recently gotten new microphones, instead of renting out ones as they did in the past.

“Instead of saying we can’t have something, they try to find another way to get it,” Deneault said.

Dance team coach Christine Kohrs said she believes that the team does receive enough funding, although she is unsure what other activities get. According to Kohrs, the dance team bought new uniforms this year, which were paid for by the school. Kohrs also said that the team does fundraising on their own, like the middle school dance, to get other costumes to use throughout the year.

Like dance team, the football team also does fundraising in order to buy things such as helmet decals or socks. Football coach Chris Brindle said these things are not necessarily needed, but are more of a team thing. According to Brindle, safety equipment is a necessity for the team and provided by the school.

“Safety is our focus, so equipment like helmets and shoulder pads are priorities,” Brindle said.

Brindle, who is also a track coach, thinks funding is given out on the base of needs over wants.

“No one activity gets more than the other,” Key said. “The main goal is to provide every activity the needs to be successful in that particular program.”