Halloween traditions start to fade


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Sophomore Emma Vogel poses for a picture on Halloween night.

Taylor McEachron, Co-Web Editor

As some students get older, Halloween festivities can start to fade away. Picking out a costume, dressing up and going out and trick-or-treating may not seem interesting anymore. While many high schoolers just dress up for the candy, some are all for it.

Junior Ronin Richardson went out this year with friends, but mainly to just get candy.

“I don’t get as excited anymore,” Richardson said. “I mean, I still get excited for the candy.”

Unlike Richardson, sophomore Emma Vogel said her joy for the holiday has stayed the same since she was a kid.

Vogel said Halloween is her favorite holiday and this year she dressed up as a scarecrow.

“I always dress up, I always make my own costume, and I always go trick-or-treating,” Vogel said.

Vogel’s favorite part of her homemade costume was her mask that moved when she opened and closed her mouth.

For freshman Phoenix Vogts, Halloween traditions have only changed some. She still dresses up and goes out, but she doesn’t go to as many places as she used to. Her group for trick-or-treating had also increased over the years.

Similar to Richardson, senior Alfredo Marquez is starting to lose the excitement in the holiday. This year, Marquez stayed home and did not do anything during Halloween.

“I used to go trick-or-treating when I was like a freshman,” Marquez said. “But then I got to sophomore year and I grew up.”