Students share what makes them tick


Megan Neal, Print Editor

From slow walkers to bad drivers, everyone has those little things that they find especially annoying. Like many others, junior Jordan Beasley’s biggest pet peeve is people who chew food with their mouth open or people who talk over others.

“I think it is disgusting,” Beasley said. “I genuinely do not like people who do it. When people do it, I get up and leave or try to close my eyes and pretend like I’m not there.”

Sophomore Martha Wolf’s biggest pet peeve is when she can’t tell if people are joking or not.

“I have believed so many things that I probably shouldn’t have believed because they’re so obvious,” Wolf said.

Wolf said this is a common issue with her and that she typically will believe most things that people say.

“Usually I don’t even notice, but if I do, I ask if they’re being serious or not,” Wolf said.

Sophomore Jacob Stubler said his pet peeve is unrealized potential. According to Stubler, if people didn’t waste time, the world would be a completely different place.

“I see so many people wasting time using things like YouTube or Instagram, and it’s just a huge waste of time that could be used elsewhere, doing productive things like schoolwork,” Stubler said. “People could be spending that time organizing their lives. If people used their time, there could even be a rise in test scores.”

Junior Ally Viera hates it when students take leadership roles too far and act like they are the teacher.

“I think their goal is to gain respect from other students, but it really just has the opposite effect on me,” Viera said.

Veira said she thinks there is a certain fine line between taking initiative or being a leader and trying to act like they’re the teacher just because you are put in a position where you are able to take the lead.

“I just let it happen, but I get annoyed by it,” Viera said.

For senior Emma Bertrand, ignorance is her biggest annoyance.

“It just gets on my nerves when people act like they’re the authority on a certain topic when they are actually uneducated about it,” Bertrand said.

Bertrand decides to pick and chose her battles when it comes to someone being ignorant.

“If it’s something dumb, then I just let it slide,” Bertrand said. “If the person is being ignorant about something serious, like a racial issue or something dealing with the LGBTQ+ community, I try to calmly explain my point of view and educate them. It’s common; there is ignorance everywhere. The best way to get rid of ignorance is through education.”