“A Christmas Prince” is predictable but enjoyable


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"A Christmas Prince" is Netflix's romantic drama for the season.

Taylor Green, Staff

“A Christmas Prince” is Netflix’s latest original movie. A journalist (Rose McIver) travels to the fictional country of Aldovia to get the scoop on a playboy prince (Ben Lamb).

Prince Richard of Aldovia is set to take the throne after his father’s death, but he’s been travelling ever since and must be back in time for Christmas for the coronation. Amber works as an editor and aspires to get her break as a reporter when her boss sends her to Aldovia to get the news on the prince and the coronation.

Amber poses as a tutor to the young princess, Emily, to get close to the prince after the press conference is cancelled. As she gets closer to the princess and prince, she realizes that they’re not who they are portrayed to be. Amber uncovers a huge secret that could change the monarchy of Aldvoia forever and must decide if she should use it for her story and finally get her big reporting break or keep it quiet to protect Prince Richard and his family. When a cousin of Richard’s and an angry ex-girlfriend steal the documents the scandal shocks the royal family. Only Amber would be able to save the day.

I thought that it was a cute holiday movie. It reminded me of the Hallmark Christmas movies a little bit. Prince Richard had some witty lines and I liked how he wasn’t the ‘playboy’ and ‘flighty’ prince he was perceived to be. I also liked Princess Emily’s part in the movie; she brought a breath of fresh air to the more slow parts of the movie.

The main character, Amber, made me cringe a bit. I did not like how awkward she seemed at times and some of her actions were just stupid, such as leaving her computer password out in an easy to find place and talking with her boss and friends very loudly about her investigation and story.

The setting was great. I liked the landscape shots of Aldovia and the castle the main events took place in.

With a scheming cousin and an ex-girlfriend with an agenda, the movie quickly turned from a blooming romance to a drama. I sat on the edge of my seat the last ten minutes to see how it would play out and I was not disappointed with the ending. The ending might have been cheesy, but I loved it. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes Hallmark’s Christmas movies or a sweet holiday drama.