The “Thrill” of the album


Taylor McEachron, Co-Web Editor

Although the second album to be released by artist Sam Smith, “Thrill Of It All,”  might have taken some time, it was definitely not a let down. Already knowing that his songs from the first album were focused on his life, it was predictable to know what the second would be.

Many, if not all, songs were about his love life. With some, people are able to relate and connect. With an early release of one song, “Too Good At Goodbyes,” listeners already get a glimpse of what is to come with the album.

I have been a fan since the start. After the release of the whole album Nov. 3, listening to it all was a must. My expectations were already high from the first album in 2014, but they were exceeded after listening to the first couple of songs from the start.

After hearing all of the songs, I’m very satisfied with the agonizing wait for all fans. There are only 14 songs on the album, and all are significant in some way. Each song is a different journey that gives the listener a whole story and many different feelings.

None of Smith’s songs are hard to follow or hear each word, which pulls me into each of the songs even more. Many songs also have an extremely soft and calm vibe with an occasional upbeat few songs.

Some lyrics of his songs are heartbreaking, if you actually listen to them closely. Some lyrics within the album include, “I’m never going to let you close to me,” and, “I’ll never love again, I’ll never love you,” show a lot of distress and emotions that are rough.

I definitely recommend listening to this album if you’re in for many emotions to be thrown at you. Even if slow and deep music isn’t your favorite thing, you might change after listening to the “Thrill Of It All” by Sam Smith.