Gossip fuels daily conversation


Taylor McEachron

Students converse about news during lunch time.

Taylor McEachron, Co-Web Editor

Gossip is defined as “casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people.” From elementary school to high school the topic of gossip had definitely changed. According to junior Calleigh Gardner, gossip in elementary school is not as intense as gossip is now.

“Gossip now is about people doing bad things and are usually not true,” said Gardner.

She also said that gossiping now is more detailed than it used to be. Gardner said that, unfortunately, she does take part in gossip.

Gardner and junior Zane Howell both agree that gossip normally is between girls, but guys do partake at sometimes.

Boys keep it more to themselves,” Gardner said.

Both Gardner and Howell agree that everything has become more known by many people. When it comes to it, it all gets twisted into many different stories.

“The basis of gossip is not knowing if its true or not,” Howell said.

Howell believes that it has also been brought to the social media side of life, but is still mainly done by girls.

“I feel like girls, in the cliques, talk a lot more about certain things,” Howell said.

Howell said that he does not take part in much gossip, but he listens, just like anyone else.

“Everybody listens to gossip,” Howell said. “But that doesn’t mean they spread it.”