Life skills class holds annual fundraiser

Megan Neal and Colton Lloyd

The Life Skills class is hosting their annual fundraiser, selling homemade dog treats and toys to help raise money for field trips and to practice other life skills.

“We try to sell them at football games, but that depends on the weather and staffing, and then we sell them throughout the year,” teacher Amy Lipnicky said.

The treats are offered in three flavors: beef, peanut butter and sweet potato.

“They’re made with all natural ingredients,” Lipnicky said. “There’s no preservatives, sugar or salt, so they are completely healthy for the dogs.”

Prices vary depending on the quantity, but $3 to $10 is the average price for the treat bags. The toys can be purchased for two for $1 and come in three sizes: small, medium and large.  

Freshman John Smith said that the treats are rolled and then baked for a few minutes before they are ready. Smith’s favorite part of the process is rolling up the treats.

Senior Katelin Lake said that the treats are “fresh and homemade” and enjoys the fact that everyone works together to make the treats.

Life Skills will also be holding other fundraisers throughout the year for multiple other causes.