Senior Campaign starts new tradition


Esrom Griffin

Senior girls celebrate at the football game against Eudora on Sept. 13. The girls decided to start the campaign to show more school spirit before they graduate.

Hannah Pappert, Photo Editor

High school football games have age-old traditions. For Piper, these traditions include players breaking through a banner, seniors hosting cookouts and students screaming class chants. However, a group of senior girls have taken on the challenge of creating some new traditions this year.

The Senior Campaign is made up of 10 senior girls. They each have t-shirts with a senior player’s name and number, they have organized carpools to attend every away game they can, and they decorate themselves in paint and glitter for every home game. Their goal is simple: support the senior players as much as they can in their last season.

Senior Taran Kerst was one of the first to come up with and plan the Senior Campaign. Kerst wants a way to be involved with her school and support her peers.

“I realized that this is my last year as a high-schooler, so I might as well do all that I can,” Kerst said. “I know that girls couldn’t wear the boys jerseys, but I wanted the senior players to feel fully supported, so I thought that matching shirts would do just that.”

The girls’ efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. The senior football players value the support as well.

“It makes me feel good having someone representing my name and number,” varsity football captain Cooper Beebe said.

Kerst and Beebe said they feel like the senior campaign is a great way for students to be more involved with their class. “It brings your class closer, it gives everyone a purpose, and helps to promote school pride,” Kerst said.

Friday night light traditions are inclusive to everyone, and they’re what makes the first semester of the year special for many students. The class of 2019 seniors have hopes that the Senior Campaign will last much longer than this first year.

“I’m hoping the junior girls see this and want to do the same,” Kerst said.