Students Show their Spirit


Taylor McEachron

Freshmen Morgan Morse and Amara Williams show their spirit on Twin Tuesday.

Taylor McEachron, Co-Web Editor

As students go through their weekly routines of school, sports, and work it’s nice to add some fun to the usual. This week the annual homecoming festivities began including the dance, game, parade and spirit week.

Each day of the week was a different theme for students to follow to participate in and earn class cup points. The themes were Meme Monday, Twin Tuesday, Wake up Wednesday, Team Thursday and Freedom Friday.  At the end of each day, there is a overall winner for the class cup points. As of right now, the seniors are in the lead.

Senior Cooper Beebe has participated each day, but his favorite day of the week was Freedom Friday.

“Participating in spirit week shows how much you love the school,” Beebe said.

For Freedom Friday he wore his USA tracksuit, with a chain and glasses.

Similar to Beebe, junior Rene Evans participates in spirit week to show pride in the school.

“I enjoy that people can express themselves in many different ways,” Evans said.

Evans favorite day of the week was Wake Up Wednesday because he said he got to come to school the most comfortable.

While many students do not participate, freshman Morgan Morse is involving herself in every part of the week. Morse’s favorite part of the week was Wake Up Wednesday.

“I got to wear sweatpants and a comfy shirt,” Morse said.

As the week comes to an end, now it is time to prepare for the football game, crowning and the Homecoming dance itself.