Homecoming Proposals

Blake Beashore

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She didn’t see it coming. He had told her he wasn’t going to ask her. It was a normal Monday when sophomore, Tamar Bates, told his girlfriend, sophomore Evelyn Vazquez, that he had to go home with his brother. Just a few minutes later when she went to leave herself she saw her surprise.

“I went outside a bunch of basketball boys were standing there holding signs and posters that said ‘Evelyn how about hoco,’ and Tamar was at the end holding flowers,” Vazquez said.

Vazquez was surprised. In large part due to Bates planning.

“She didn’t know, the whole time leading up to it I told her I wasn’t going to ask her at all,” he said.

Homecoming Proposals are a tradition that has held a resurgence in recent years. Now almost every person being asked to a dance is receiving some sort of elaborate proposal. Bates says that a proposal can take some thinking.

“I got a little help from my mom and my cousin but I tweaked the idea and made it something of my own,” Bates said.

The proposals are more than just something to post on social media though.

Bates said, “I wanted to do something really special to make her a little more certain that I really care about her” Showing a girl that she is special is a common theme about why people like them.

Junior Riley Porter who was asked after the Powderpuff game agrees.

“I like Homecoming proposals because they’re really fun and cute. It makes the girls really happy and makes their week better,” Porter said.

With some proposals being elaborate like Bates, and some being as simple as a box of chocolates it looks to be a tradition that will last for a while.

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