Homecoming Royalty and Coronation

Hannah Pappert, Photo Editor

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  • Freshman Prince and Princess Russell Blevins and Adienne Thurman are introduced during the homecoming coronation.

  • Sophomores Blake Beashore and Jessica Thomas are announced as sophomore prince and princesses.

  • Junior prince and princess Rene Evans and Natalie Frick joke with each other during Piper High School’s coronation ceremony Oct. 6.

  • Seniors Cooper Bebe and Macey Nigh pose as they are introduced as part of the homecoming court.

  • Homecoming Court candidates Kaleb Brown and Calleigh Gardner stand together as they are announced.

  • Candidates Colton Lloyd and Emma Johnson await for king and queen announcements during the homecoming coronation Oct. 6.

  • Alumni Scott Ladish and Elle Blake attend the coronation to award the king and queen their crowns. They were Piper’s previous year’s homecoming king and queen.

  • Senior Lemoses White walks to accept his crown as he is announced Piper’s Homecoming King Oct. 6.

  • Senior Emma Johnson cannot contain her joy as she she is announced Piper’s Homecoming Queen.

  • White and Johnshon pose together after they are crowned in the homecoming coronation Oct. 6.

  • Fellow senior cheerleaders Abigail Grimm and Jada Simmons celebrate with Johnson after her win.

  • White poses with his parents for a selfie after he wins Homecoming King.

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