Career Day

Morgan Haworth, Social Media Editor

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Thursday, October 18, Piper is having a career day. Career day is when students travel to different adults listening to them explain everything about their professions. All types of careers can be seen, from a firefighter to an air traffic controller.

Usually, students will get to see four or five different professions. Students get the opportunity to see different jobs and know what schooling it takes to get there. The students see professions that maybe they never thought about pursuing or show them a different perspective on a certain type of profession.

“I have not enjoyed career day as much as I’d like because we don’t get to pick who we get to see,” junior Emily Brandt said.”I would love to go and talk to someone who does the profession I am interested in.”

Similarly, junior Ben Brandt said, “They tell us where to go, not where we want to go.”

Some student favorites from the past years have been a DJ, CSI agent and an undercover cop. Freshman Zoey Pudenz agrees, and wishes to see someone in a field she is interested in.

“I want to see people in the medical field like a physical therapist,” Pudenz said.

Though some students think career day could use some adjustments to allow them to visit careers they are interested in, they still enjoy learning about profession options for their future.

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