Debaters host home tournament

Megan Neal , Print Editor

Every year, the debate team gets to see a different side of debate as they host a home tournament. Instead of debating, students are assigned tasks such as time keeping, hospitality, ballot checks and the tab room.

Junior Gracie Petzoldt was in charge of the hospitality room, where food and drinks were available for judges and coaches in between rounds. Petzoldt said this is one of the easier jobs since people would come and go in crowds.

“It was pretty easy,” Petzoldt said. “After we got lunch ready, there wasn’t much more to do and I took a nap. When I woke up no one else was there.”

Freshman Kaiti Lindstrom worked as a timekeeper and hall monitor, a typical job for first year debaters.

“I sat in a desk in the hallway and made sure no one was lost or messing around,” Lindstrom said. “I was also a timekeeper so I held up cards that told how much more time the person had to speak.”

Another key part to keep the tournament running smoothly is the tab room. Senior Dylan Hendrix was one of the students in charge of the tab room, where score are calculated.

“The tab room is the job that is the brain of the tournament,” Hendrix said. “We do everything from setting rounds and telling the debaters where to go to keeping track of records and speaker points.”

Due to all the information that is left in the hands of these students, working in the tab room is seen as one of the hardest jobs of the tournament.

“We have to keep track of all this information and we get all of the information at once,” Hendrix said. “It’s also really hard because one mistake can throw a whole tournament out of whack. That’s why double and triple checking everything is key.”