Pirates Football Heads Into the Playoffs


Blake Beashore, Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, October 26, the Piper Pirates football team will play their first playoff game of the season against the Bonner Braves. The Pirates played the Braves just last week and beat them handily with a score of 69-20.


Going into the game Pirates players say they have to remain focused and ready for the rematch.


“The game is going to be completely different they’re going to be way more fired up then last time because of the score so focus and execution will be the most important things,” says Junior Chris Lewis.


The team understands that they can’t overlook this game and have to stay focused. Senior Lemoses White says, “we want to win one game at a time and hopefully advance to the final round and bring home one of the first ever championship in football.”


Players believe the only thing in the way of success is themselves, “The biggest challenge is having everyone on the same page and people knowing their assignment and having a good mind set to win,” says White.


The support from the student section is something that the players can feed off to succeed. Lewis says, “support from people who care is beneficial no matter what you’re doing sports or real life situations.”


One main supporter is Senior, Marisa Sanchez. Sanchez has attended nearly every game in order to support her peers. “I feel like it’s my duty to cheer them on, I love getting closer to everyone and creating a family of pirate supporters.”