Football concludes fall sports

Taylor McEachron, Co-Web Editor

The football team made it to round two of regionals on November 2 to end their season as well as conclude fall sports for the 2018-19 school year. The varsity team played at Louisburg in the second round with a final score of 48-0. Although the team lost, many of the emotions came from the senior members on the team because it was the final time they all would be playing as a high school team. However not all seniors got to play in their last game. Cooper Beebe was injured at the third home game against Louisburg. Beebe’s injury took him out for the remainder of the season.

“As I watched the game come to an end it really made me upset to know that I won’t get to play high school football anymore,” Beebe said. “The thing I was upset with most was I wasn’t able to be out there with my team once we finished the season due to my injury.”

Playing Louisburg for the second time, the Pirates were hoping to come out on top.

“That would have meant everything to me to be able to beat a team that purposely injured me,” Beebe said.

While the team was feeling emotional about the game, so were many of fans, including students and parents. Senior Brock Beashore has been to all but one game this year, and was once a member of the team, but had to stop playing sports all together due to an injury. Beashore said that he has a strong connection with the senior players because he used to play league football with many of them when they were younger.

“A lot of my favorite memories as a child was with those guys,” Beashore said. “Not being able to be out of the field with them kind of upset me a little bit.”

Sophomore Brandon Ahart agrees with Beashore that he also had a strong connection with the senior group. Ahart said that it was hard seeing the seniors in their last minutes of playing.
“They were breaking down and we had to like take their job and bring them up,” Ahart said.

While still injured, Beebe was able to be on the sidelines every game. Beebe said that he was able to help the underclassmen and help the team be the best they could be.

Ahart said, “You guys [the seniors] did a good job showing us what to do and now we have to do what they did next year.”