‘Creed II’ excites, provides cinematic experience

'Creed II' excites, provides cinematic experience


Blake Beashore, Web Editor


Creed II is an exciting 2 hours and 10 minutes of cinematography. The movie provides a layered story-line with excellent writing.


The acting in the movie was great. Michael B. Jordan, who played Adonis Creed, was flawless as he was able to represent the cocky, yet insecure son of Apollo Creed, the past world champion of boxing. Sylvester Stallone (Rocky Balboa) is again brilliant as Adonis Creed’s trainer and father figure.


The plot of Creed II revolves around a fight between Adonis Creed and Viktor Drago, (Dolph Lundgren) which is significant because Viktor Drago’s father Ivan Drago killed Adonis Creed’s father Apollo in the ring. Adonis fights for Viktor to preserve his title as the heavyweight champion as well as for his father. In his fight with Viktor,  Creed is also able to face his demons and finally get closure about his father’s death.


The presentation of this movie felt real and was very energizing to watch. The fighter entrances before the fights were intense and the atmosphere represented in the movie felt real and made you feel like you were there and involved. The camera angles used during the fights were one of the best aspects of the movie. The creativity used to give the viewers different looks of the fighting and to keep every fight fresh.


Being the sequel to Creed and being a spin-off of the Rocky movies you could expect a similar story-line. Has a match with a formidable opponent, is close to losing, but through sheer will finds a way to win. Every Rocky and Creed movie have fallen under this same story arc, but seem to never fail to entertain. Creed II was no different.


Creed II kept you emotionally invested throughout the movie as each character faced their own crisis and had to find a solution to their problems. Overall with the acting and presentation in Creed II was a cinematic experience that people should take the time to enjoy.