Rehm dives into season strong


Taran Kerst

Senior Benjamin Rehm competes in the breaststroke at Blue Valley West. Rehm won first in this race.

Taylor McEachron, Co-Web Editor

Senior year is meant for reaching goals and creating memories. Whether that be with grades, athletics or future plans, senior year is a huge moment in anyone’s life. For senior Benjamin Rehm, swimming has been a impactful moment throughout his final year of high school. As of right now Rehm has broken a new record at each meet the team has gone to and so far he has broken 10 records. He is also considered for the 200 medley relay and the 50 freestyle at state which will be held in February. 

“It feels great knowing that all the work I put in in the offseason is finally showing,” Rehm said.

Although this is only Rehm’s second year on the team, he is captain along with fellow senior Conner Berry. Rehm said that he enjoys the team work aspect within a relay. His favorite medley relay consists of freshman Jake Huisman and juniors Kyle Chambers and Alex Falk from Tonganoxie and himself.

“I think it’s stressful because we all know we can do what we need to,” Rehm said. “It’s just anyone can slightly mess up and have an impact on the relay.”

Along with being on the school’s swim team Rehm was invited to an club swim team to get extra training with a sprinting coach.

Rehm has worked and pushed himself outside of the swim season by dieting, going to the gym, getting equipment and working with other teams.

Rehm said, “I’ve learned that if you really want something then you have to work for it.”