Biggest sporting event of the year flops

Blake Beashore, Web Editor

The 53rd Super Bowl was the worst Super Bowl ever. It was the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history. The final score was 13-3 Patriots, and what is normally the biggest event in sports was a lackluster, boring performance by each team.

The game provided no excitement all the way through. The score was 3-0 at halftime. By halftime, I wasn’t even sure if I cared anymore. The lack of scoring proved to make the game completely uninteresting. It was no fun to watch the teams punt the ball back and forth after being unable to score.

The Rams punted eight straight possessions. One of those punts managed to be the most exciting part of the game when Rams punter Johnny Hekker had a 65-yard punt that set the record for the longest punt in the Super Bowl history.

The Super Bowl not only was boring but provided the outcome we expect every year. The Patriots winning the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl did allow us to see greatness achieved, as we saw Tom Brady win his record-setting 6th Super Bowl Ring. But this win was in the least great way possible. His team put up a total of 13 points, one of the worst outputs in Super Bowl history. They only scored one touchdown the entire game.

The weirdest thing about the Super Bowl wasn’t just that the scoring was low. It was that these teams had put up huge numbers all year, then all of a sudden couldn’t score. The Rams were second in the league in scoring, putting up 32.9 points per game. Then in the biggest game of the year only score 3. The Patriots were also in the Top 5 in scoring in the NFL at number 4. They put up 27.2 points per game, and also couldn’t perform in the big stage.

This game is sure to cause ratings to drop in the NFL next year and the league should do whatever they can to make sure such a disappointment doesn’t happen again. The Super Bowl is supposed to be the biggest event in sports, but this year it just turned out to be a flop.