Biology, stress play factor in sleeping habits

Morgan Haworth, social media manager

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Teenagers need to get eight to ten hours of sleep a night, but the matter of the fact is that adolescents are getting an average of six to seven hours of sleep.

“When I was younger I definitely slept a lot more than I do as a high schooler.,” junior Jack Robinson said. “I think that plays a big role in increased stress and just more responsibilities and things to worry about.”

According to a survey done by Associated Professional Sleep Societies, 40 percent of teens go to bed after 11 p.m. This is due to stress as well as biology. According to SLEEP, teens have what’s called a sleep delay which causes them to stay up late and sleep in.

“I used to sleep so easily and all the time, but now it’s harder to sleep because of all my school work,” sophomore Emma Hawley said.

High school puts pressure on students that could lead to staying up late to get tasks done. Sophomore Christien Johnson gets four to six hours of sleep with his after school activities.

“I want to get the wanted eight hours of sleep, but in high school it’s kind of unrealistic,” Johnson said.

Robinson has been putting his phone up for 30 minutes before going to bed for over a year now.

“I can tell it helps me mellow out and take my mind off of social media,” Robinson said.

Aura is a sleeping app that sophomore Emma Hawley uses to help herself get better sleep. Aura offers mindfulness meditation, life coaching, stories and music. It has a three minute video to help calm down and meditate.

“It has many different sounds that will play to help you fall asleep easier at night,” Hawley said. “It helps me sleep faster and easier.”

Sleep takes a toll on physical and mental health. Additional ways to ensure proper sleeping habits include being active, setting up a schedule, limiting screen time and taking naps as needed.

“If you don’t sleep great, you’re going to be cranky and tired all day, which can lead to you being stressed out and not paying attention in class,” Robinson said. “If you sleep great and go to bed on time you’re energized and ready to attack the next day.”