Excessive snow days lead to extended school day



With the number of snow days after winter break, the school district looks for unique ways to make up contact time.

Scout Molder, Editor-in-Chief

Due to more school cancellation than expected for the year, the Board of Education and administration decided to add five minutes to the school day at the high school and 10 minutes to the school day at the middle school. Additionally, the last two days of school, May 15 and 16, will be full days instead of half days. Seniors are still scheduled to graduate May 9.

According to high school principal John Nguyen, the details and logistics for the added time are still being worked out amongst district officials. He said the goal is to have the plans finalized by spring break, which begins Friday, March 8.

“It’s going to happen in a way that will be minimally disruptive to our school calendar,” Nguyen said.

More information is to come as the district continues to make decisions.