They’re not in Kansas anymore

Taylor McEachron, Co-Web Editor

It was an exciting Wednesday night, all Piper students were all celebrating the first round win for the boys basketball state tournament in Salina, Kansas. Until, seniors Brady Johnson and Dalton White and junior Henry Sharp ended up in Nebraska.

Getting down to the game was fine for the three boys, but unlike most people, the boys decided to take back roads and not the highway.

With technology these days, people are able to program their address to automatically set to get them home. That is what Johnson thought he had done.

“I threw on home on my maps,” Johnson said. “And then we just started cruising, talking, listening to music and videos.”

As the boys thought they were on their way home, it became apparent that they had been driving for too long to not see any Kansas City sings.

Sharp said that he was surprised by how long it took for them to realize that they had been leaving Kansas. At first it was something funny the boys joked about and asked what would happen if they really did end up in Nebraska.

Driving home at night, they were already in the dark. Adding to that, Johnson said that they came close to hitting a deer, went without seeing a single car or gas station, saw a few semi trucks rolled over and passed an obsessive amount of police.

“That’s when we passed a sign that said, ‘Welcome to Nebraska,’” Johnson said.

By that point the boys were six hours from home rather than three hours. Once they realized where they were, they quickly turned around to start their journey home back to Kansas.