New leadership takes over Booster Club

Megan Neal , Print Editor

The booster club met Jul. 31 to appoint a new president after Nancy Evans stepped down. Danell Collins agreed to take over, in order to prevent the club from dissolving. 

Evans announced her wish to step down as president and pass the job on to the next set of high school parents at the end of the 2019 school year. The club decided to suspend until a new volunteer stepped up. 

With Collins as president, she moved to unsuspend the club. Although the numbers of volunteers have declined over the years, the club is hopeful for this year. 

“We have been asked to do more for the Middle School and I would love to be able to, but it all depends on volunteers,” Collins said. “If we do not have the volunteers to help run the concession stand we will not be able to operate concessions.” 

Collins plans to run the club similarly, with only a few changes being made. 

The Booster Club has been working well with the business model it has now,” Collins said. “I have created electronic sign-ups to manage the volunteers.  This should make it easier for people to know what’s coming and they can plan concession volunteering into their schedule.”

Collins encouraged students to volunteer as well. Not only are students able to raise money for their activities, Collins said students also gain valuable life skills. 

“When students volunteer to help run the concession stands I love teaching them how to interact with the public,” Collins said. “Students will grow in their self-confidence when they talk to people in a service capacity and smile while they work.  They become more comfortable talking to people, making eye contact and presenting information clearly. They don’t often see this in themselves, but I do, and it makes me very happy.”