Class Cup competition promotes school spirit


Allison Neal

Senior boys Timothy Lemanske and David Holmes cheer on the girls at the Powderpuff game. Attending the game earned points for Class Cup.

Zoey Pudenz, Co Editor-In-Chief

Class Cup is an incentive to encourage students to participate in student activities. The Class cup was created five years ago by counselor, Polly Vader.

Class cup has evolved throughout the five years with competitions ranging from decorating the hallways for spirit week, to competitions based on attendance.

”My freshman year and sophomore year, we did a lot more competitions where it was decorating, and a lot of people didn’t really participate so, we took that out,” said senior Riley Porter.

Last year, a nail-biting competition occurred between the freshmen and senior class. In the end, the freshmen won the Class Cup competition by just one single point. The winning class got the opportunity to go see Marvel Studios, Avengers: Endgame.

Student Counselor Advisor, Tiffany Scheffler, shares her reaction to the outcome of last years competition.

“I just thought that it was fun, and it’s always nice when classes can organize and come together to make a concerted effort to win,” said Scheffler

Throughout the five years of the Class Cup competition, this was the first time the seniors have not won. Speculations of the point system being rigged were shut down after the freshmen pulled out the win.

The point system is on a 3,2,1,0 scale. The class with the most participation for that specific event receives three points, while the class with the least participation receives zero points.

Every year, Student Council strives to improve Class Cup to include sports and activities that do not receive as much attention from the student body.

“The idea is to make different types of events class cup events, so we get students supporting a wide variety of activities,” said Scheffler.

The current standings from last weeks homecoming spirit week state as followed.

The seniors are in first place with 12 points, with the sophomores following with 11 points. The juniors are in third with seven points, and the freshmen trail with six points.