I’m not tired


Lauren Pappert

"I never want to get to the point where I don't want to go out in public without makeup, so I like to stay true to myself and wear makeup when I want to," senior Natalie Frick said.

Morgan Haworth, Print Editor

“You look tired, are you feeling okay?”  At first, I’m confused, what makes them think I’m not okay? Then I realize. Yes, I feel fine, I just didn’t put makeup on this morning. I get these questions more often than one would think, and each time I get offended. 

Foundation, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow, mascara, and brands like CoverGirl and Morphe the media has been taken over by makeup. In a world full of beauty gurus and beauty influencers, girls may feel pressure to wear tons of makeup, but personally I just don’t. 

In recent years, the beauty community has blown up. It seems that more and more influencers are starting their own makeup lines in stores like Sephora. Beauty influencers are becoming more well-known too. I feel that social media platforms and Generation Z all know makeup artists like James Charles, Jeffree Star or Huda Kattan. 

Since there is so much influence to wear tons of makeup, why don’t teens or girls feel the need to wear makeup all the time? I think it’s because nowadays people are preaching self love and care. Especially now, women are all about supporting other women. Women empowerment could be the key to girls not feeling pressure to wear makeup all the time. 

I wear makeup basically just for special occasions. Getting up early everyday to spend time doing my makeup. I just don’t care enough to impress the people around me with my magnificent makeup skills (sarcasm). I do enjoy doing my makeup don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t have enough effort to do it on a daily basis, and that should be okay. 

One time a guy came up to me and asked, “Why do you have two black eyes?” He was referring to my under eye bags. I remember feeling so embarrassed and from then on I put on at least concealer every single day.  Now that I’m older, I’m starting to care less about what people think of me. Now almost every day I wear no makeup, unless I’m feeling extra and want to try a little more. 

I’ve noticed that less girls are wearing makeup on a daily basis. Lots of my friends also go bare face. So no, we’re not tired; we’re just comfortable with who we are.