Online school gains popularity


Payton Fergus

A student does their work online. As education methods develop, many involve devices.

Megan Neal , Print Editor

As the world continues to advance to the technological age, students are finding themselves faced with more options when it comes to schooling, traditional or online school.

Counselor Polly Vader said this year, there have been higher enrollments in online school, however, the population of the traditional school is still much higher in comparison. For some, the flexibility of being able to work from their home is appealing, not just when it comes to school.

“A lot of jobs are moving to work from home, or going completely online, being able to work from anywhere in the world,” Vader said. “It works for some people and allows them to maybe be able to have a job while also getting an education, sometimes the 7:30-3:00 type of day isn’t meant for all people.”

Senior Jenna Bargas tried online school in her freshman year but ended up coming back the next year.

“I had a lot of issues with anxiety, and I thought it would be easier to manage my anxiety if I did online school,” Bargas said. “Also I wanted to try something new.”

For Bargas, the biggest downfalls were not being able to see her friends every day, and staying on top of her work without the one on one help from teachers she was used to.

“I can get more one on one help from teachers and get an answer right away,” Bargas said. “With online school, you didn’t have the option to get answers fast because you had to email your teachers and wait for a response.”

While traditional school worked best for Bargas, she believes experiences vary from person to person.

“There is both pros and cons for each online school and public school,” Bargas said. “It really depends on the person and their own needs rather online school or public school is good for them.”

Vader agreed, adding that she never suggests students do one or another since it comes down to each person.

“At the end of the day it’s a very personal decision,” Vader said. I always have people weigh the pros and cons of being in the building or not then help them navigate the decision instead of telling them what to do.”