Project Grad implements changes


Blake Owens

Seniors lay down to make a formation that shows the numbers 2020. A drone took a picture of the students overhead.

Zoey Pudenz, Co Editor-In-Chief

For the new school year, senior parents are taking new steps to improve Project Grad. Project Grad is a non-profit organization to help fundraise for the seniors’ grad night.

One of the parents on the Project Grad committee is senior parent, Danetta Pappert.

“Project Grad is an evening that is meant to give our seniors a drug and alcohol-free environment to celebrate all of their hard work,” said Pappert.”

Grad night occurs the night of graduation. In past years, seniors have attended Main Event but the class of 2020 is doing it their way.

“They have different options for us this year by personalizing the whole thing,” said senior Jamike Unoke. “So that means more food options, more activity options, and it even comes with its theme.”

Senior Jack Robinson agreed with Unoke on the new changes Project Grad is taking.

“I’ve noticed that the parents involved in Project Grad are giving a lot more student choice,” said Robinson. “Asking what we want to do and letting us vote on it.”

To raise money, Project Grad has decided to partner with more community service-based organizations. They also do many fundraisers including a trash bag, rummage, and mum sale.

“We are all about return on investment,” said Pappert. “With a rummage sale, all items are donated so all money raised is total profit.”

An upcoming event Project Grad is hosting is a Trunk or Treat for the Piper community on Oct. 30.

“I am so excited about the direction Project Grad going in because I feel we have some of the most caring parents on deck for our project,” said Unoke.

“They are really trying to go all out for us and they do recognize that these are our last few months together as a grade, and I appreciate them trying to make the greatest memories of them all.”