Teens share concerns of the sketchy environment at Walmart



Many students believe Walmart is not the safest place to be by yourself.

Morgan Haworth, Print Editor

It’s dark out, you have to run an errand for your parents and the nearest store is Walmart, the environment at Walmart seems sketchy, so you go out of your way to go to Target. Most teenagers are feeling fearful and nervous about going to Walmart, especially past the curfew of nine o’clock at night. 

“Walmart is sketchy to me because there are always cops around, a lot of people who don’t have good intentions. It’s not clean at all, and it’s scary to go to at night,” senior Morgan Slaughter said. “I was in the parking lot and a man was walking towards my friend and I. We quickly got into my car and locked the doors immediately. He walked up to my car and stood there for an awkward amount of time, he finally walked away but we were pretty shaken up about it,” Slaughter said. 

Slaughter prefers Target over Walmart. 

“I would much rather go to Target because it’s cleaner and less people go there, I feel like I could go there by myself and still feel safe,” Slaughter said. 

Freshman Tyjanae Hooks agrees with Slaughter that Walmart is sketchy. 

“I have seen a few sketchy things that have happened inside of Walmart,” Hooks said. 

Hooks saw a woman trying to steal “an entire cart full of stuff”. 

“A few police officers came up and I started to get scared. They confronted the lady and she started yelling and acting crazy. I tried to get out quickly after she started yelling,” Hooks said. 

Former Walmart employee, junior, Jhaden Bates claims to have seen lots of sketchy behavior at the grocery store. 

“The most sketchy experience is when we had a bomb threat. A man walked in and threw a bag in one of the isles then ran out. Everyone was evacuated and we stayed outside for eight hours,” Bates said. “I did not feel safe working there because I always have to watch my back at night, I would say there was an incident with the cops at least twice a week.”