Fall Musical implements new online ticketing system


Photo courtesy of showtix.com

Tickets are available for reservation on the website showtix.

Zoey Pudenz, Co Editor-In-Chief

For the 2019 fall musical, the theatre department director Tori Deneault has implemented a new ticketing system. This is an alternative way to buy tickets to the traditional ticket at the door method.

The new ticketing system includes early payment and seat reservations for those wishing to attend the musical.

“We’ve been looking to do it for a long time, but we had hit different administrative hurdles,” Deneault said. “Then, a comment was made through a colleague saying they wished they could pay with a credit card.”

Around the school, there are posters for the musical containing QR codes. Parents and students can scan a QR code that is directed to the website to pay and reserve a seat.

“We take checks, we take cash but it has been a problem for multiple years when there are people who show up and are like, ‘what do you mean you don’t take cards,’” Deneault said. “So, now the new service has a surcharge on it which allows people to use their credit card.”

Students are also taking advantage of the new pre-pay ticketing system. Sophomore Konnor McDaniel used the system to guarantee his seat.

“It was very convenient, all I had to do was push around five buttons and I got my ticket,” McDaniel said. “It was pretty easy.”

The website shows a calendar where individuals can pick the specific date they want to attend the musical and the specific seat they want. This way, users will have a secured seat on the day of the show.

“I mean it’s kind of like how the movie theater does it, and so I like it that way,” said senior Eden Barnes. “It also spares everybody the trouble of having to reserve seats once you get there by putting your coat, your shoe, or your scarf down.”

Eden Barnes is a part of the cast of Hairspray playing the role of “A Dynamite.” Thanks to the pre-pay system, the cast knows in advance how many people bought a ticket.

“It helps to know ahead of time, because it kind of ups the pressure a little bit for us to know that there will be 200 people in the audience tonight, and we need to be on it,” Barnes said. “It also helps to boost our confidence with the show by knowing that many people are coming to see us, so it’s really nice.”

The dates for the 2019 fall musical are Thursday, November 21, Friday, November 22, and Saturday, November 23.