Robotics team brings home Cowtown Throwdown victory


Photo Courtesy of Eric Mabie

Team Stealth celebrates after their victory in the competition.

Adam Novak, Staff Writer

The Robotics team, Team Stealth, coached by Stephan Brumbaugh and Eric Mabie, recently won a competition at the Cowtown Throwdown tournament.

The robotics team works only on one robot a year. The team competes in 3 v 3 competitions with various schools competing with, and against them. According to Mabie, the robotics team spends around 8 weeks to design, program, critique, and practice driving the robot.

In the team’s most recent tournament, The Cowtown Throwdown, they got first out of 56 teams.

I felt great when I found out we won,” said junior Andrew Hart. “We were tied in the finals 1-1, there was so much excitement and energy that exploded in that room after we found out that we had won. We were screaming and jumping and hugging and cheering with excitement.”

With some new robotics members joining the team this year, the teamwork and energy levels increased.

“I am most proud of our new freshmen members, they came and they cheered harder than we ever have in the past,” Hart said. “I am also proud of our freshmen drive team members; they came and drove the robot with all the screaming and won the competition They did amazing.”

Mabie agreed that the team did amazing and the teamwork on the team is what he really likes about the robotics team.

With this being the new year for some robotic members, many of them get to have their first big win.

“It was amazing,” said junior Fiona Maxville. “When I found out we won I was amazed and I couldn’t tell the team how proud I was of them.”

What most people see is how the robot looks and what it does, but many don’t get to see the work that the robotics team does.

“People don’t see the commitment and the cooperation within the team,” Hart said. “The members give up their spare time for the team and  to help the team succeed in whatever is needed. I don’t know many other people that would do that. But there is so much more going on under the water’s edge.”

With eight weeks of working with a robot, sometimes problems occur along the way.

“The problems were very few on this time, majority of the things were worked out at last year’s tournament, though this is one of the first years we use PVC to design our robot,” Mabie said.

The Robotics team is looking to keep winning more in the future and to still have the same level of energy and teamwork.

 “Hopefully, we can get more students to join the team but I also think it will push all of the team members to work harder on the future robots so we can win more competitions,” Maxville said.