Devastation occurs around the world due to wildfires

Justine Fryatt

Sammi Trumbo, Journalism Student

Around the world, there are 75 million to 820 million hectares of land burned each year, according to the Earth Policy Institute.

“For the first time we learned about the massive fires in Brazil, just in the last couple of months, but they always happen in Brazil. I just think our media only highlights what’s important to us,” said biology teacher Craig Reed.

Wildfires happen all around the world and they pollute the air, affect land, animals habitats, people’s homes, and people’s health.

“I’ve seen the results of them, driving through Colorado it’s like a moonscape there is almost nothing there and nothing would be able to live there,” Reed said.

According to National Geographic, scientists don’t have any good estimates on the number of animals that die in wildfires each year. But there are no documented 

cases of fires, even the severe ones, wiping out entire populations or species.

“I feel bad for the animals that are affected, it’s pretty easy to assume when fires happen everything is wiped out,” Reed said.

Sophomore Zane Busick said that he was close to a wildfire when he lived in San Diego.

“I was close enough to see one of the fires, it was right by my school one time,” Busick said. “Some people were afraid and others were acting like there wasn’t a fire outside burning.”

While not everyone experiences the fires many have their thoughts on the environmental effects they have.

“Spreading the word and showing them more, I know with the Amazon and in California, a lot of people don’t know it’s going on, so by getting it out in the open more people will start to know about them,” said senior Riley Porter.