Powerlifters shatter records and look towards State


Photo Courtesy of Kevin Coker

The Powerlifting team practices after school to prepare for a meet.

Zoey Pudenz, Co Editor-In-Chief

The powerlifting team came into the season strong with a 4th place overall win at state last season for both the men and women’s teams. 

An average powerlifting tournament takes place throughout the entire day and lifters lift against those in the same weight class. Lifters acquire three attempts each lift which include squat, clean and bench press. 

“I have broken all the records for the 198, 220, and 242 weight class records while also breaking all of the junior records for squat and power clean,” said junior Antonio Cobbs. “I have also recently broken the All-time school record for power clean.” 

Cobbs isn’t done yet with motivation for other goals to be accomplished.

“Mark my words, I am not done,” Cobbs said. “I have some work to do and my next All-time record I’m going to break is the squat record, and it will be done. I tell all my young guys that no matter how hard it is to reach your goals, keep reaching, keep going. You can’t reach it if you don’t work at it.” 

Similar to Cobbs, sophomore Kaia Cordill aspires to win first place at state. Not only is Cordill a powerlifter, but she is also on an all-year-round competitive softball team. 

“Softball and powerlifting definitely interfere with each other but I have worked out a schedule to where I can do both sports and still enjoy them,” Cordill said. 

Cordill finished 4th overall last season at state and also received 2nd place in squat. 

“I didn’t do as good as I was expecting last year, I was having an off day,” Cordill said. “But, I was still happy that I placed and did good as a freshman competing against mostly older lifters.” 

A challenge Cordill has faced is recently fracturing her ribs due to lifting. After taking a few weeks off, she pushed through the pain to attend an Olympic powerlifting meet. 

“The meet was so much fun, I was really nervous before competing because I didn’t know what it was going to be like,” Cordill said. “I thought it was going to be a lot of people but it was a small group that I lifted with and my nerves went away after we started lifting.”

Newbie freshman Kylie Brockman decided to join after powerlifting coach and social studies teacher Kevin Coker persisted that she joined the team in high school. Brockman has broken the freshman records in clean, bench, overall, power index, and has broken all the records in the women’s 140 weight class.

“It feels great that I’m doing well as a freshman, however, I need to continue to work hard to be successful,” Brockman said. “If it wasn’t for my coaches and other lifters pushing me, I wouldn’t be anywhere near close to where I am now.” 

The team is preparing for state on Mar. 7 by increasing their volume and raising the intensity of their workouts. With the high level of stress during this time, the team continues to encourage and support one another. 

“It’s a good program, no better place to than around your main support system,” Cobbs said. “Here you will be treated like family and we will push you to be the best you can be.” 

Brockman agrees with Cobbs on the atmosphere within the weight room. 

“The atmosphere is a very exciting place,” Brockman said. “Everyone cheers for you and wants you to be the best you can. We also have a lot of fun and enjoy our time. Everyone should try it out!”