Administration employs new drop policy


Allison Neal

Junior Olivia Hilty participates in a lab in Principles of Biomedical Science, one of the career pathway classes.

Audrey Menzies, Design Editor

For years, students have been able to pick up classes without fear of completely being locked in. This year, however, is different. PHS counselors announced during the scheduling process that once a student picked a class they would not be able to drop it the coming year. This has given some students anxiety as some students are extremely indecisive when deciding classes.

I completely understand the struggle of trying to figure out a whole school schedule but, since we pick our classes extremely early there is so much time where a student could decide to pick a different career pathway or education plan.

If counselors are beginning this zero tolerance for switching policy then students will eventually become unenthused at a class they may not like causing lower grades or misbehavior in that class.

Like I said previously, school schedule creation is an extremely hard job, but, I believe that if a student is completely unenthused in a class they should be able to pick something that better fits the way they are headed for their future.

High school is a period of growth for students, not every single student will stay on the same pathway but with this new policy, we are keeping students from heading in the direction they want and growing into the job profession they want to be.

To solve this problem, I hope next year we can come to an agreement as a school for a “loophole” into a class that better fits the student’s idea of their future if they are in a class they don’t want to take.