Growing into the 21st Century: CTE building brings new opportunities to career pathways


Amanda Bauman

Science teacher Shawna John feels medical research practice dummy breath as it comes to life.

Zoey Pudenz, Co Editor-In-Chief

This summer, the current East Elementary building will be transformed into a technology-based learning center that will allow students wishing to receive more in-depth knowledge over specific career paths the opportunity to do so.

Interim superintendent Dr. Blane McCann presented the idea of a Career and Technical Education (CTE) building which would include the Business, Family and Career Science (FACS), Robotics, Health Sciences, Digital Media and Graphic Design pathways.

“The CTE building will provide a much greater opportunity for collaboration not only in the business department but with other departments as well,” said technology and business teacher Carol Grubbs. “For example, if the graphic design department wanted to make shirts, the business department could be the retail store to sell them.”

For students wishing to go into the journalism field, more advanced technology will now be accessible within the building.

“Some of the things that are in the works is a whole broadcast studio where we can leave up an entire setup with lights, cameras, a green and white screen that will be ready to go anytime we need it,” said journalism teacher and advisor for all student publications Amanda Bauman. “In addition to that, we are looking into having more flexible options for a work environment.”

The layout for the CTE building would prepare students for a future in the workforce by potentially incorporating uses for advanced technology.

“One of the things I’m trying to push for is a set of MacBook pros, so you would have the option to sit at a desktop or work on a laptop,” Bauman said. “We would share the MacBooks between my classes and graphic design teacher Mrs. McPherson’s classes.”

To turn the CTE building into a reality, career pathway teachers are exploring options to make the transition smoother including reaching out to the Kauffman Foundation for grant money and reusing any durable equipment.

“From projectors to shelves and so forth, we’re looking at what kind of furnishing we would want to purchase,” Grubbs said. “There is a lot of talking right now and a lot of brainstorming.”

Throughout all change, difficulties arise. With a lot of systems already in place including bell schedule, security and parking, a new structure will have to be built.

“As of right now they’re talking about a 10 passenger van for potential transportation to the other building,” Bauman said. “They have also talked about using school buses, but as of right now there is no definite plan put into place.”

The goal of the CTE building and career pathways is to prepare students for the future. FCCLA president and future yearbook staff member freshman Annalia Escalante will heavily be using the CTE building.

“I feel like it will be a good opportunity for students and we’ll have the opportunities to explore other pathways and more students will be interested in it,” Escalante said. “FCCLA will have a lot of benefits from the building, and I hope it will gravitate more people towards our club to expand our program.”