Spread of COVID-19 causes spring sports, activities to be canceled


Design by Zoey Pudenz

Following Governor Laura Kelly’s issue to cancel all K-12 schools for the remainder of the school year, all spring athletics and activities have been canceled until further notice. Illustration by Zoey Pudenz.

Zoey Pudenz, Co Editor-In-Chief

Tuesday, March 17 Governor Laura Kelly announced all K-12 schools would be closed for the remainder of the semester due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

With the closing of all schools, cancellations of all spring athletics and activities occurred. According to athletic director Doug Key, KSHSAA decided to cancel all KSHSAA activities due to the decision from the state. 

“The events canceled were all events that were under the KSHSAA jurisdiction,” Key said. “Other events not sponsored by KSHSAA have been canceled due to the growing concern of public safety.”

Proceeding the cancellations, many students had hoped spring athletics would be postponed and set for a later date. 

“At this time, there is no information regarding KSHSAA pushing back spring sports as it is still very early in dealing with the situation,” Key said.

As for senior Preston Miller, this was his last season to play for the Pirates’ baseball team.

“I think the decision to cancel the season was the best thing for the health of the public, but it is really sad for things to end this way,” Miller said. “I will miss playing with my teammates and making memories with them.”

Similar to Miller, sophomore Sinza Thoi believes the decision was best for the health of the public but is disappointed her season was cut short. 

“Soccer is the only thing I look forward to during the school year, so I was very upset after the cancellations,” Thoi said. “I feel bad for the seniors because they didn’t get to play their senior season.”

Another event that was canceled was the Music n’ Motion and Bella Voce trip to Branson which is held every other year. 

“I was really disappointed the trip was canceled because I had been looking forward to this trip ever since my sister went when she was a junior, and she told me all of the fun and crazy stories,” said sophomore Amara Williams. “I couldn’t wait to experience times like those, but fortunately, I am lucky enough to get another chance to go in 2022.”

Another disappointing part of the cancellation was many members worked extra hard to raise money to fund their trip. 

“Every member of Bella Voce and Music n’ Motion worked really hard raising money, especially those who worked a lot of concession hours during the basketball games,” Williams said. 

According to Key, more information will be available over how senior night, graduation, prom and other activities will proceed once e-learning begins April 1. 

The prom committee, which is traditionally made up of juniors, had aimed to make prom a little more personable this year for the students. 

“Something that we did differently this year was allowing the seniors to choose the theme for prom and handing out our own personal invitations,” said junior Kyleigh Owen. “We were also excited about making our own snacks for the snack bar.”

Owen and other students are making the most out of this difficult time by taking the situation into their own hands. 

“A few of my friends and I are having a little prom of our own in our backyard,” Owen said. “We are also having a little graduation celebration for my best friend, Brooke Robertson, since she won’t be able to walk across the stage this year. This will be a very special day for my friends and me.”