Trial and Error of Online School


Adam Novak, Sports Editor

One effect that COVID-19 has had on students is having to switch to online school. For a majority of students, this was their first experience with online school. Many had to get Chromebooks from the school so they could continue their school year online because of the lack of resources in their homes. Online schooling has been a learning experience for all students and teachers involved.

Online school for Piper started April 1, but some teachers posted assignments for students on March 30. 

When teachers post all the assignments at the beginning of the week, it is more convenient for students to get all of their assignments complete. It gives students more time to complete the work and to ask questions they have on work.

I was able to get most of my work done at the beginning of the week which was super helpful so then I didn’t have to worry about it for the rest of the week. The only work I have struggled with is the work that was posted late through the week. I am nervous that as the year continues teachers will become more comfortable assigning more work, and it will become extremely overwhelming.

I feel like online school is a new way of learning and a good change in how we can get our work done. I get my work done more efficiently when I’m doing online school rather than going to school due to the smaller workload and more flexible schedule. 

Throughout the week I had a couple of zoom meetings for some classes that were 30-45 minutes long. If I had a choice whether to do zooms or not I wouldn’t but I know that it is good for students to join them so then they get reminded that they are still in school.

I think it would be good if we were following a set schedule. For example, Mill Valley has an online block schedule with no school on Fridays. It would be more organized if each teacher had a schedule for when they would post notes and homework. 

Due to the lack of scheduling, I fear that later on in the school years teachers will start scheduling mandatory tests, and zooms that will cause students to prioritize certain classes. 

For now online schooling is great, but as we settle in and the teachers assign more work students will be required to be more efficient workers which with lack of scheduling may be hard for certain students. No one chose online schooling and it’s ok for now,  but I hope as we go on, our school will become more structured and cohesive.