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  • Maci, our dog, is sleeping through another day of quarantine at around 11:00 am on April 15 in my mom’s bedroom. Maci slept through the rest of the day as she seems as bored as all of us through this time. Photographed by Alex Ivanuska

  • Evelyn Eisman is putting pictures together to form a scrapbook on the afternoon of April 16 in her bedroom. Evelyn decided to spend her time in quarantine by putting all of her pictures of her kids and grandkids into a book to form a scrapbook. Photographed by Alex Ivanuska

  • Leigh Ann Wohletz, my mother, is working on her job as an accountant for a sheet metal business on the evening of April 16 in our basement. Leight Ann has been working at home in her office more frequently due to the virus. Photographed by Alex Ivanuska

  • This is my family relaxing in the evening after dinner on April 17. We had just had Olive Garden takeout and everyone was gearing up to go to bed. Photographed by Alex Ivanuska

  • Leigh Ann and Vince Wohletz looking out into the front yard after a day of work at the house on the evening of April 15. They both worked on the yard throughout the day while also doing some other things in the house. Photographed by Alex Ivanuska

  • A photo essay of Alex Ivanuska’s life while living in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. These photos detail just a small part of quarantine starting April 15 to April 17.

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