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  • During the quarantine, Kristy Seigel watches the news to further understand the epidemic while E-Roc Seigel completes school work beside her April 17. Kristy Seigel worked in her home office due to the COVID-19 crisis and E-Roc Seigel completed his school work from home for the same reason.

  • A package from Amazon appears on the Seigel family’s doorstep April 17. The family had been in quarantine for four weeks but were still able to receive packages safely.

  • E-Roc Seigel spends his time playing NBA2K20 after completing his school work for the week. E-Roc Seigel had been completing his online schooling throughout the month of April, and rewarded himself by playing video games every time he was done.

  • Eric Seigel works from home in the basement during quarantine April 16. Because the Seigel house only has one office, Eric Seigel was forced to work in the basement.

  • While locked down in quarantine, Erielle and E-Roc Seigel make use of time while watching Dragon Ball Z. With Dragon Ball Z being Erielle’s favorite show, the two siblings were able to bond while they watched the show together everyday.

  • A photo essay of Erielle Seigel’s life in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. The photos detail quarantine life starting from March 20 to April 17, even though the virus continues past that date.

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