Murder Mystery game sweeps the Internet


Photo by Zoey Pudenz

Freshman Caroline Vogel plays “Among Us” after completing work in her A.M. Cohort.

Jackie Gildo, Staff Writer

A new multiplayer game has surfaced on the internet and has grasped the attention of millions. The game “Among Us” was released in 2018 by a video game developer called InnerSloth. This September, Among Us, gained popularity and reached hundreds of thousands of players playing the game.

This game is designed for four-ten players. They are dropped into a laboratory alien spaceship where each player is assigned a role, either a crewmate or impostor. The crewmate’s role is to complete tasks, and figure out who the Imposter among the team is. The second role is the Imposter, the purpose of the imposter is to kill all of the crewmates on the ship without revealing their secret identity.

The game allows users to join a public game or create their own game with friends and family.

Junior Brianna Renn has been finding lots of enjoyment playing the game and plays it quite frequently with friends.

“When I first heard about the game, it was mainly through my friends and Tik Tok,” Renn said. “My friends got me obsessed with it.”

According to Renn, the game is not very complex and isn’t very difficult to learn.

“The learning process was only difficult, the first time I’ve ever played it, but the more I played the easier the game was to play,” Renn said.

Among Us also allows users to change their avatar in the game. There are 12 different color choices, many hat choices, and many more customizations that are available for purchase. 

“I love how customizable the game is,” said freshman Sydni Horton.

Freshman Kennedy Flanagan agrees with Sydni. 

“My go-to color is lime and my hat choice is the witch hat because it’s ‘spooky season,’” Flanagan said. 

Among Us has caught nationwide as well as worldwide attention. In the U.S. there are many groups of people who enjoy playing the game.

“All in all I think it’s a great game for everyone,” Horton said. “Personally, I love that it’s a murder mystery, that makes things a lot more entertaining.”