Election Updates

Blake Beashore, Editor-in-Chief

8:48 Monday, November 9

After most media outlets have projected Joe Biden as President-Elect, standing President Donald Trump has so far refused to accept the results.

President Trump is claiming fraud within the polling stations and claiming that he has won the election if polls only counted the “legal” votes.

Trump is claiming that Biden took the lead in swing states because workers were “finding” miracle ballots for Biden. All evidence currently points to these “found” ballots being legal mail-in votes that got postmarked before the deadline.

Trump is proceeding with legal action in many of the swing states and is attempting to prove major fraud in these states. He currently claims that they have evidence that a mass of dead people voted for Biden. This evidence has yet to be proven. The Trump legal team is also claiming that Trump votes didn’t get counted. At this time, there is no clear evidence of this.

Trump and his team are currently making accusations and allegations, but to this point have not brought forth the evidence to the public.

President Trump plans to present whatever evidence he has gathered to the courts that will hear his case and is hoping to preserve his chances at reelection.

For Trump to be successful, he will likely have to prove voter fraud in multiple swing states. If he is unable to do so, Biden will still win the Presidency.