Pirates Bay reopens following COVID-19 shut down


Photo courtesy of Carol Grubbs

Senior Arrick Taylor poses in front of trunk full of snacks for Pirates Bay.

Brylie Reese

The beloved Pirates Bay is back in business after being shut down due to COVID-19. Since its start in 2014, Pirates Bay has been serving students while also teaching students of the Applied Business Development class how to run a business.

“Students are responsible for the operations of the business from managing the money, marketing, procuring products, and serving customers,” said sponsor and business teacher Carol Grubbs.

Pirates Bay allows students to buy some of the most popular snacks the school does not sell.

“At Pirates Bay, we have snacks and drinks that the school does not carry such as Snapple, Goldfish, Cheez-its, and gum which are some of our popular items at very good prices,” said senior Anthony Macias. “All of our profit goes back to the school and used for resources such as tissues, lunches for the teachers, and a $50 gift card to a family in our community.”

Due to hybrid students only attending school for three hours each week, Pirates Bay had to create a new way to sell their products. The club will only be open on Wednesdays between A.M. and P.M. cohorts.

“COVID has actually made us think a lot harder,” said senior Kaitlyn Bradbury. “We obviously do not have lunch at school anymore, so we needed to think outside of the box. After principal Mr. Nguyen said it was a go, we automatically started planning.

According to Macias, COVID-19 posed many safety concerns for the staff members.

“We will be wearing masks and gloves and have hand sanitizer for students on the counter to use. Also will be keeping a line that will be 6 feet distance to the next person,” Macias said.

According to Bradbury, the members are ready to combat any issues that may arise.

“We had to think about all of the safety precautions that will keep us members and our customers safe,” Bradbury said. “We are always on our toes and we are ready for whatever the future brings.”