iPhone 12 worth the upgrade?


Photo courtesy of Forbes, Everything Apple Pro

New iPhone 12 relives iPhone 4 and 5 days with original square shape.

Riley Merrick, Staff Writer

Hopes were high for the new iPhone 12 which dropped on Oct. 23. The new features of the iPhone 12 made people very interested in what this new phone was capable of.

Those new features include 5G speed, A14 Bionic chip, OLED display, ceramic shield, square sides, night mode on every camera, a brand new mini size, and many other exciting aspects.

The most popular feature of this iPhone that sparked interest in the public was the square sides. This feature reminded many people of the old iPhone shape. I like the concept of bringing back old styles, but I’m not sure if I completely love the new shape. An OLED display was also added to this phone to make the bright colors more vivid and the dark colors deeper.

The new mini size option is another popular new feature. The 12 Mini is 5.4 inches compared to the regular 12 and 12 Pro which are 6.1 inches. There is also a 12 Pro Max which is 6.7 inches. I like the size of the regular 12 and 12 Pro because it fits my hands perfectly.

These phones also come with an all-new ceramic shield. This shield is said to have 4 times better drop performance than the past iPhones, but after some drop tests, it has been proven that the screen can still crack.

The cameras on the newer iPhones have become famous for their great quality, and vary from 1 to 3 cameras. This new iPhone, though, has night mode on every camera. This makes taking pictures at night even cooler and it makes the pictures clearer and visible.

Apple is putting in great effort to improve the speed of their phones. They have added 5G speed and a brand new A14 Bionic chip to the iPhone 12. Compared to 4G, the 5G speed is said to be much faster; in fact, it can be up to 100 times faster than 4G.

The A14 Bionic chip is claimed to be the fastest smartphone chip ever. This chip can accomplish 11 trillion operations per second.

Overall, I would say that if you would like to update your phone the 12 would be a good option for you. However, if you already have a newer phone, upgrading might not be worth it. I ordered the 12 Pro, which is on backorder, but I can already tell that there will be a huge difference between my 8 plus and my new phone. I would give the iPhone 12 an 8/10, because of the new features, but I feel like this phone might have been hyped up a little too much.