Celebrities use platform to promote voters


Photo Courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs served as a polling place on Nov. 3 for the 2020 election.

Alex Ivanuska

In the 2020 United States Presidential Election, there were a record number of votes cast. President-Elect, Joe Biden, received the most votes out of any President in the history of the U.S. His opponent, President Donald Trump, was still able to get the second most votes, making this the highest number of total votes in a presidential race at 159.8 million votes according to CNBC.

Some people think this is due to the increased celebrity and sports leagues’ influence on the election. Celebrities took to social media to spread their message to go out and vote as well as professional sports leagues who made advertisements and special messages on their fields all with the same message, vote.

“I just think that they influence so many people,” said junior Olivia Golden. “A lot of them use their social media platforms to promote voting so people that look up to them, and follow them realize that someone they look up to is voting, so they should too.”

Though any celebrities used their large fan base to get the message across, this has not always been the case.

“Social media over the last 12 years has become a bigger deal in anything,” said business teacher Brian Gray. “I teach business and economics and you see social media taking off in a lot of those worlds. I’ve never seen anything like this before. A lot of it had to do with pushing that change and pushing people to be better to each other. I think that is a lot of it, getting that message out there.”

It hasn’t been just celebrities promoting their fans to go out and vote, but sports organizations as well. In particular, the NFL has put special voting messages on their field, along with some teams even opening their stadium as polling sites.

“I think they played a huge role in this election because their advertisements are all over,” junior Cade Supica said. “The Chiefs had an open voting place this year. I think sports teams definitely played a huge role in how the voting went.”

As for future elections, Gray believes celebrities and sports leagues will continue to use social media to promote voting and what they believe in.

“I think now with social media the way it is they are going to see their roles as far as being able to influence people,” Gray said. “There has always been a platform for celebrities to encourage social justice, I just don’t think at this level. During the award shows, you always see them voice their opinions on things that are happening in the world. I think this was just kind of a different way for them to do the same thing. Just to kind of push those things. There were a lot of issues wrapped around social injustice this time. People are worried about not only Black Lives Matter but also LGBTQ+ rights were an issue. There were a lot of celebrities that were pushing those things for sure.”

The celebrity’s messages all seem to be similar. They wanted their fans to go out, vote, and make a change.

“I think the biggest thing that they have been saying is just to vote,” Golden said. “People just like to complain so much when an election doesn’t go their way. If they didn’t vote, they don’t have any room to complain because they didn’t do anything about it. I also think that with everything going on in our world right now it’s like not only voting but also standing up for what you believe in and not being afraid to do that.