Piper Cheer Team places seventh at State; Just Shy of Finals

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  • Junior Delaney Waters (left) and Senior Taylor Miles (right) converse during a break between performances November 5.

  • Sophomore Jillian Collier performs the Cheer during practice November 5.

  • Senior Taylor Sims performs a T-Motion during a practice session November 5.

  • Sophomore A’Niyah Coleman performs the Cheer during practice November 5.

  • Junior Sydnee Pippert begins the Fight Song during practice November 5.

  • Senior Taylor Miles perform the Band Chant at practice November 5.

  • Head Coach Kolenda assesses the performance during practice November 5.

  • Sophomore Alana Crone (left) and Junior Kaycee Scott (right) perform the Band Chant during the state performance November 15.

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Asher Malaschak, Photo Journalist

The Piper High School Cheer Team competed in their state competition on Sunday, November 15. After all their hard work and effort, they placed seventh, half a point shy of making finals.


“Previous years, I felt like the energy was way different because we were able to compete in person,” said Senior Taylor Miles. “I am extremely proud of the girls, especially since we had one girl who had to be out, for making adjustments and giving it their all. All of our performances were really good. Even if our placement isn’t what we want, I think overall I’m really proud of the girls.”


Though similar concepts were there, the performance this year was much different from the others. With the recent transition of Piper from 4A to 5A, a new challenge was provided for the team.


“It’s definitely a lot more challenging,” said Junior Sydnee Pippert. “We’re going up against bigger schools, so it’s definitely going to challenge us, but I don’t think it would change much. I think we did pretty well considering we just jumped schools.”


The transition was not the only difference from previous years, though. The outbreak of COVID-19 provided a unique opportunity for the team as it forced a recorded performance to be sended in to the judges.


“With COVID, we’ve been practicing for a while. Compared to previous years, we started two to three months before, but this year we started working on our performance in the summer,” Taylor Miles said. “Since the beginning of the school year, we’ve been practicing and learning all the components apart and only recently did we put it all together. We practice two times a week for one and a half to two hours.”


Despite the difficult circumstances, the judges would be looking very closely at all aspects of the performance.


“The judges are definitely looking for things like tight motions, loud voices, and overall spirit,” said Sydnee Pippert. “They are looking for being together as a team and everything that goes along those lines.”


Though the final result was not what the team had hoped, they felt very good about their performance and all the practice they put into their routine.


“We have been working on the performance for about five months now, so we’ve been practicing constantly and that definitely did help,” said Sydnee Pippert “We got a lot better with every single practice, so a lot of time was put into the performance.”