Mexican restaurant ‘La Fuente’ lives up to expectations

Riley Merrick, Staff Writer


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La Fuente is one of the newest additions to the Legends area. It opened in November 2020 and has gotten a lot of recognition for its tasty and flavorful Mexican food

The La Fuente chain is owned by Roger Cowell and his wife. They opened the first restaurant in January 2000. 

After their opening day, they have sparked some interest in the community by moving into the old Taco Bueno building. They have received a lot of credit for their food which I can assure you is very tasty. 

To start, the food is amazing. I have ordered a burrito bowl each time I have gone and it is one of the best bowls I have ever had. I would say that it is almost comparable to Chipotle, which is hard to beat in my opinion. The inside of La Fuente adds to the vibe of the restaurant. There are hints of red and green and the food is served buffet style. It is very clean and is mapped out to match COVID-19 needs and precautions. You are allowed to dine-in to eat, but you must maintain social distancing.

They are open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Sunday, which is very convenient. I will say that their drive-thru took a while because they ask a lot of questions to get your order perfect. I waited for about 30 minutes, but I would say that it was worth the wait. Their customer service is great and they were very efficient to get my order completely correct each time. Their workers are very nice and helped a lot when it was my first time there. 

You order it like you would order Chipotle. You chose your meat, rice, beans, cheese, etc. I enjoy how customizable it is so your meal perfectly matches your taste. They have several different options of what you can order and they have a few delicious desserts. I have had both their churros and sopapillas which were full of cinnamon and flavor.

I will say that the food is a little on the pricey side, but I think that it was worth it. The burrito bowl that I ordered was $8.50 and for my four-person family, our order came out to be $40.

Overall, I really liked this restaurant and I would definitely recommend that you try it if you get the chance. They have many options on their menu and you can customize your order just how you like it. If you don’t feel comfortable dining in, you can get take-out or go through the drive-thru, but it will take a little bit of time. Solely because of the long wait in the drive-thru line, I would rate La Fuente 4.5/5 stars.