Why aren’t we taking more precautions?


Photo courtesy of ABC, Kezi News

Wearing a mask has proven to reduce the risk of transmitted infection.

Madi Welker

COVID-19 is the talk of the town these days. We have all been affected by the pandemic, some more than others. Whether it’s the school being canceled, you or a relative test positive, or even stores closing down. The real question is if COVID is supposedly at its worst right now, why aren’t there more precautions being taken?

The announcement of gatherings being limited to a certain amount of people did nothing. There was no enforcement, parties and gatherings were still happening, but nothing was being done about it.

Masks are supposed to be enforced, right? However, I still see people walking around public places with no mask. I recently attended church and left before the service began due to numerous people not wearing their masks. It’s disappointing that some people are choosing not to follow the recommendations, which is making others feel uncomfortable. I have had to quarantine due to being exposed. It was not fun, but it was a responsible choice.

Even though I tested negative and had no symptoms, I finished out the recommended time because it was the ethical action to take. Many people who make the recommendations are educated, epidemiologists. An epidemiologist is a person that works with medicine and control for diseases. I choose to follow the recommendations from people who are educated in this field, unlike some.

All in all, I think we as a community need to start thinking about what is good for all of us, not just ourselves. Families that are already dealing with immune-compromised individuals are now dealing with added stress due to the lack of adherence to the recommendations. I believe that if we start following the recommendations and we enforce them, we will start to see a positive result. Reflecting in a decreased number of quarantines, cases, and deaths. I hear people talking about how they are so sick of masks, which I understand, but unless we stick to wearing them and protecting ourselves and others, I don’t see an end to this pandemic coming anytime soon.