Euphoria’s filler episode is exactly what fans needed


Photo courtesy of Newsweek, HBO

HBO MAX users can now stream Euphoria season two teaser episode before its initial release date on Dec. 6.

Audrey Menzies, Co Editor-In-Chief

The long-awaited Euphoria holiday special is finally here and fans are raving about it. HBO decided to release the episode three days early on HBO MAX so many, including myself, got the chance to watch this episode before its release on Dec. 6.

After the cliffhanger of Jules leaving without Rue and a possible overdose, there is so much to explain in this episode. While this is not the beginning of season two, just a “special episode” fans of this popular show will be satisfied after watching.

This episode begins with Rue and Jules together, this contradicts the previous episode considering Rue never got on the train. You later find out that Rue did not follow Jules and this was just a dream she had before getting high in the diner bathroom before eating pancakes with Ali on Christmas Eve.

Typically, Euphoria is a rather fast-moving show but this episode takes a different approach and is set completely in the diner with Ali and Rue’s conversation. During the duration of this episode, they take a look at Rue’s relapse, her relationship with Jules, Ali’s history, and Rue’s mental state. The creator and writer of Euphoria, Sam Levinson, stated that the show was previously shutdown due to COVID-19 right before they were set to begin filming season two.

Though fans are disappointed that they will have to wait longer for the full season, I believe this episode will hold fans over.
I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode. Even though the wait for season two has already been long, this made the wait easier. The episode completely deep dives into Rue’s relapse and how she “doesn’t know if she’ll be here much longer.” I am so glad we got to watch this conversation take place. The in-depth talk she had taught the audience and me a lot about her character and this episode probably would have never happened if it wasn’t for COVID.

My heart broke for Rue during this episode, seeing how lost she was definitely made me feel for her. Ali was the perfect person to talk to Rue regarding all the issues she currently has going on. Though Rue at times was hesitant to share her full truth she ended up telling him all because she knew he would not judge her and that he would also not sugar coat the advice she desperately needed to hear.

Overall I thought that this was a very well done episode, I was shocked that the episode was completely set in the diner, but after watching it I think this is the perfect episode for this time. I do hope that we get back to the normal fast pace when season two comes back. If all the episodes are like that next season the show may become a bit hard to watch. Considering this episode was completely from Rue’s perspective, I predict that the next episode will be completely from Jules’ perspective which is definitely what is needed. I am looking forward to seeing what she has to say, hopefully in the next episode which does not have a set release date.

Editors note: As of December 7th HBO will release “part two: Jules” on January 24 2021.