Winter sports possibilities


Picture taken by Astin Ramos last year at bowling tryouts.

Ethan Walker

With most Winter sports being played indoors and the flu season around the corner, lots of people are questioning whether high school sports will be able to make it through the whole season, or if it’s even safe to begin the season. While lots of student-athletes are optimistic about the 2020-2021 Winter season, there have been talks about the start date being delayed to January 15th. As of right now, all they can do is practice as if there will be a season. All teams at PHS have put in their best efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“We have been wearing masks during practice throughout this year to try our best not to spread anything to anyone and their families,” said sophomore basketball player Lance Bassett, who was also a member of the football team this fall.

Some teams might even have to adjust their practice schedule that way there are not too many people in the same place at the same time

“We will have to do a couple of lifting sessions throughout the day so that all of our lifters can lift without having too many people in the gym at once,” said junior powerlifter Kaia Cordill.

Since the Wyandotte County health officials don’t allow school sports to be played in the county due to COVID concerns, no games or meets can be held at PHS, including basketball, which has effects on the dance team as well.

“It definitely sucks, basketball is a really big sport for dance teams, because they typically do have so many home games, so we dance a lot during basketball season,” said junior Olivia Golden who is on the dance team. Also with court warming and that pep rally, it all just flows together, so them not having home games really affects us because we don’t get to dance at all when normally we’d be dancing every other week.”

Last basketball season, the first cancelation of high school sports in Kansas due to COVID took place in the State basketball tournament. The boys’ basketball team was looking to win their second straight state title when all games were canceled and not rescheduled.

“I really wished we would have finished our season last year because I have all the confidence in the world that we were going to go back to back and win state again,” said Bassett

If Winter sports do get canceled due to COVID, one thing is for certain, this will have a big negative impact on these student-athletes.

“If the season gets canceled, everyone involved would be affected, as each season is an opportunity and a gift to play to try not only to just win a state championship but for most to get a scholarship to a college,” said Bassett.